Hi eshghoolies!

Oh my god I can’t believe it’s been so long since the last time I wrote a blog for you! Daaaamn! I’m sorry I have a tendency to vanish from the face of the planet when I get busy! And to be honest only the holly mermaids would know when my next blog is going to be so cherish every word for real hah!

Well, you’ll be happy to know that in the mean time I was gone , I finished a record which I’ll be releasing soon, I was nominated for a couple awards, finished my bachelors degree , went on a couple of dates and realized “Um maybe I should stay single, FOREVER.”

Cause mine is none existent !

All the work craziness aside , I’ve been catching up on my PERSIANALITY (already trademarked this shit so don’t even think about it!!)

Norouz is near and yes I’ve been eating a lot of Kabab and Dough and yes finally attending Persian parties. Now if you know meow, you know I’m sadly not that involved in the persian party community of LA, most of my friends are non-persians for whatever unknown reason(maybe art school?) but yeah this year I was all “I’m gonna HANG OUT”! I took my sad ass to this Norouz party last night, oh my god are the only three words I can say! It was fun but maaan that party was overly crowded. There was no place to walk or dance or stand for that matter so basically everybody was just rubbing on each other. It was just a one giant GRIND! Let me tell you , the amount of rubbing I experienced last night was more than the last 6 months altogether! but again it has been a dry spell –___–.

Now Kababs and Doughs aside, I just wanna say happy PERSIAN NEW YEAR! if you’re Persian chances are you’re gonna get fat in the next upcoming weeks, if you’re not Persian chances are you’ll see a lot of Persians! Use this opportunity!!! Remember Persians are generous , ok? we have this thing called “Shabash” we literally give you free money for your dance moves!

Love you guys




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